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Strategic Plan

We intend to execute the following strategic plan*:

  •  Apply a disciplined, targeted approach to ensure we buy grocery-anchored shopping centers consistent with our strategy.
  • Maintain prudent debt leverage, while managing debt maturities and interest rate risk.**
  • List our shares on a national securities exchange; merge, reorganize or otherwise transfer our company or its assets to another entity; commence selling our properties and liquidate our company; convert our company into an “NAV REIT” and provide increased capacity to repurchase shares through our share repurchase program; or otherwise create a liquidity event for our stockholders.
*There is no guarantee that these investment strategies will be achieved. We may change our investment strategies without stockholder notice. 
**We intend to limit our leverage to 45% of the total value of our assets (calculated after the investment of substantially all of the proceeds of our offering). If we have insufficient cash flows to service our debts or if any of our properties are foreclosed upon, our ability to pay distributions to our stockholders will be adversely affected, which could result in us losing our REIT status, and would decrease the value of your investment.